CBT Gold | Bunge Loders Croklaan
Chocolate taste that matches 61% cocoa solids
A steep melting curve like real chocolate
Up to 40% saving vs cost of real chocolate
Innovative ingredient offers the same rich texture and luxurious taste of 61% cocoa solids, but with up to 40% cost savings.

CBT Gold, a game-changing fat ingredient for chocolate confectionery that is expected to bring innovation to the confectionery market. This alternative confectionery fat has a steep melting profile with a high cocoa butter tolerance, giving products made with CBT Gold the rich texture and melting sensation of real chocolate.

With CBT Gold, customers can enjoy the indulgence of real chocolate in any compound chocolate creation. Whether in chocolate bars, coatings or pannings, CBT Gold matches the taste level of premium chocolate that contains 61% cocoa solids, but with a cost savings of up to 40%.

The creation of CBT Gold was driven by a desire to meet the market demand – providing the affordability and production efficiency of compound chocolate while also offering the taste experience and indulgence of real chocolate. CBT Gold brings it all together showing that a premium taste experience and cost efficiency can go hand in hand.

Download CBT Gold leaflet here

CBT Gold Leaflet