Lecithin - brings it all together
Work with Bunge Loders Croklaan to help you find the right lecithin or other emulsifier option to match your needs.

Bunge Loders Croklaan's lecithin isn't just...lecithin.
It's the smallest part of a much bigger story.
A very special ingredient with a binding nature.
Be it oil and water;
start and finish;
Bunge Loders Croklaan and food manufacturers: our lecithin brings it all together.

Our experience provides centuries of knowledge in lipids and emulsifiers. Working with us ensures quality that adheres to the highest standards and certifications. Plus our integrated supply chain is designed for uninterrupted delivery of your lecithins. All aligned to safeguard your brand and uninterrupted production in your facilities.

Furthermore, our experts are ready to support you in developing your recipes. We can help you smoothen your production process and optimize your consumer product offerings to meet today’s food trends.

Lecithin brings a whole lot of extras
  • A solid and traceable supply chain, with scalability possibilities
  • Uninterrupted delivery
  • Label friendly, with our non-GMO and organic options
  • An expert partner
  • Easy business with a renowned and trustworthy supplier

Lecithin that works. Lots of it

Leveraging our expertise

Our experts tailor the right lecithin to your tortilla