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Bunge Launches AgroApp, a sustainability app for soy farmers
November 09, 2020

In November, Bunge launched AgroApp, a digital tool to provide services to Brazilian soy farmers and support and encourage them in sustainable agricultural expansion. In addition to gathering information and utilizing guidance tools to support sustainable production, the app offers the following key features:

  • Allows producers in Brazil to grant access to their properties’ Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) data via cell phone. CAR data is critical for a farm’s planning, recovery of degraded areas and farm compliance. The AgroApp’s initial database is already populated with data from 9,000 farms, 14 million hectares, of our company’s soy partner farmers that have provided us with their CAR number.
  • Part of the app works as a hub that provides useful data and links on Brazil’s environmental laws and regulations, as well as materials and tools that support farmers on their journey to sustainable production, such as the Guide to Good Agricultural Practices and the Agroideal Platform, a free online territory intelligence system that allows the farmer to identify areas with decreased socio-environmental risks for agricultural expansion.
  • AgroApp users can also check information on our company's policies, procedures and certifications aimed at sustainable sourcing.

The app is free and is available for iOS and Android across Brazil.

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