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Bunge Loders Croklaan donates shea rollers in Benin
Shea - education and health
May 12, 2019

Alidu Tia has worked as a supply chain officer for Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) in Tamale, Northern Ghana for over five years. He oversees the fruiting process in surrounding shea parklands in Ghana and other West African countries.

Alidu has also been involved in Sustainability projects in the Tamale Region. Recently, he went on a joint visit with our supplier Fludor to four communities in Benin: Daringa, Gorobaani, Bethlehem and Danugou. During this visit the women groups received their bonuses and commission, as part of the Fludor sustainability program.

On behalf of BLC, Alidu distributed 100 additional shea rollers amongst the women. These tools help increase their yield and reduce the physical strain of the work and the risk of insect or scorpion bites. The women were excited to receive the rollers and ensured that the rollers will be put to good use. During the handover of the shea rollers, Alidu gave a short speech to the women, reminding them of the benefits of working in a united group and to take advantage of the Fludor system (i.e. its program with bonuses and commission). BLC is committed to the success of the women’s groups in our supply chain and will continue to support them through our Shea Sustainability Program, such as the donation of shea rollers and stoves and building of a warehouse.

Alidu said, "Being involved in on-the-ground sustainability activities is very gratifying work. It’s great to see and hear from the female entrepreneurs on how the tools we supply help support their collection process and ultimately increase their yield and income. During our visits to the communities, we converse with the female entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences and to understand their challenges. Not only related to the shea collection process, but also to their community livelihoods.”