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The Future of Chocolate Confectionery
Virtual event recording
May 11, 2021

The world is rapidly changing, and the chocolate industry must keep up with fast-changing consumer trends and needs.

Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier choices and balanced nutritional profiles; even within indulgent food categories. As they explore these choices, they expect sustainable products that are indulgent and exciting, with no compromise on taste, quality, and overall experience. But it is not just consumers driving these trends, governments and the European Union are introducing taxes on sugary foods, demanding clearer food labelling and focusing on a healthy and sustainable food system. There is a need for the industry to adapt.

In The Future of Chocolate Confectionery we, together with Mintel and leading chocolatiers, dive into industry trends and discuss our value drivers and solutions for chocolate confectionery.

Watch the recording of the virtual event to:        

  • Learn about the latest trends and consumer value drivers in chocolate confectionery presented by Mintel
  • Be inspired by a chocolatier on how to create affordable and premium quality chocolate by delivering surprising taste profiles and textures
  • Get insights on driving consumption of chocolate with a nutritionally balanced profile without compromising on taste and indulgence
  • Discover how to create sustainable, plant-based, clean label or organic chocolate products           
Part I - Introduction, trends and drivers
Part II - Interactive discussion about drivers and applications

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