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Insight: Lecithin behavior in chocolate
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June 30, 2020
Unlock the power of lecithins in your chocolate recipe

BungeMaxx offers a range of high-performance lecithins derived from different plant sources. With our extensive knowledge of oils, fats and lecithins, we not only use them to enhance your chocolate production processes, we also use them to improve the sensory properties of your products.

Concentration is critical
The smallest change to your recipe can have a big impact on your product. Applying the right concentration of BungeMaxx lecithin lowers the chocolate's Casson yield value which is a critical parameter in different applications.

Lecithins tailored to your application
Each BungeMaxx lecithin behaves differently depending on the application. By choosing the right lecithin based on our in-house expertise and knowledge, we can tailor properties like Casson yield value and viscosity to your application.

Improving other essential properties
As well as enhancing the critical properties of your chocolate during production, BungeMaxx lecithins also improve other essential properties like hardness, snap, gloss and bloom. And because lecithins reduce the amount of cocoa butter required for your recipe, they can also reduce your costs.

A broad spectrum of options to cover your chocolate needs just right

When chocolate is too viscous
One of the main challenges in confectionery manufacturing is that chocolate can be too viscous. This makes it difficult to handle during processes like pumping, conching and tempering, as well as applications like molding, spinning and enrobing.

Reducing viscosity
Adding BungeMaxx lecithins to your chocolate reduces the friction between particles in the chocolate mass, facilitating their flow. As a result, lecithins reduce the viscosity of chocolate, enabling you to control and adjust its properties to fit your process requirements.

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