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Insight: Organic lecithins - traceability and trends
Webinar recording
July 10, 2020

Organic lecithin - what are the steps in the supply chain and how do these impact the quality and traceability? Watch the recording of our webinar from July 9th. In this webinar, our experts will run you through the insights and regulations, and our partner Mintel will provide you with an update on the latest trends.

Topics discussed in the webinar:
     o    Trends & COVID19 impact throughout the Food category     
               Emma Schofield – Mintel’s Sr. Analyst          
     o    Supply chain and traceability for lecithin    
               Karen Seabolt - Softseed Lecithin Business Development Manager
     o    Organic lecithins    
               Alan Medina Jr. – Director EMEA, Specialty Ingredients
     o    Q&A