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Join Bunge at FoodNavigator's Protein Vision Broadcast Event
June 13, 2023

From meatless burgers to vegan ice creams and everything in between, plant-based products are shaping the future of food. What’s next in plant-based?

On 21-22 June, Bunge is sponsoring Protein Vision, a two-day interactive broadcast hosted by Food Navigator, where the technology, ingredients and culinary science powering the next generation of meat- and dairy-free innovation will be profiled. Food Navigator will be asking how the sector can maintain momentum and truly take a bite out of conventional meat and dairy sales.

Each day will have a morning and an afternoon session. The sessions will include interactive presentations, panel discussions and audience Q&As. Individual sessions will run for 90 minutes. Tune in on 22 June at 09:00 am (EST) / 3:00 pm (CET) and learn about the power plant-based ingredients can bring to the table!

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Presentation: Enabling authentic dairy & meat from plants
Speaker: Mark Stavro, Sr. Director Global Marketing & Product Management, Proteins at Bunge

The top needs of plant-based dairy and meat brands remain achieving taste, texture, and price parity with animal options. To realize this, our experts work alongside customers, using our specialty lipids and plant-proteins — core components and sensory drivers in alternative dairy and meat—to deliver perfectly melting cheese, creamy indulgent ice cream, succulent strips of steak, and more.

Key learnings:
- How plant proteins and lipids drive sensory, sustainability and nutrition in alt dairy & meat
- How our experts use proteins and lipids to solve top sensory challenges in these categories
- Next level innovations that are replicating dairy fat texture and taste from plants

Panel discussion: Alt dairy 2.0: The next-gen tech and ingredients revamping dairy-free
Panelists: Bunge, Those Vegan Cowboys, FÆRM, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Innovation in alt dairy is exploding. As pioneering companies – both big and small – work to propel the category forward, we take a look at their novel ingredients, processes and techniques. How will these innovations shape the dairy aisle of tomorrow? Join the panel of experts to find out.

- Alt dairy tech trends: from precision fermentation to cell cultivated dairy
- Where are the whitespace opportunities in next-gen dairy-free?
- What challenges and opportunities exist in bringing Alt Dairy 2.0 to market?

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