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Meet Bunge's Lipids and Proteins team at Food Ingredients Europe
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November 29, 2022

For the first time, Bunge will present both its lipids and proteins portfolio at the Food Ingredients Europe in Paris. Meet our experts on plant-based foods, confectionery, bakery, frying, sports nutrition, infant nutrition, lecithin, organic and sustainability at stand #4A20 from 6-8 December and learn how together, we can reimagine the future of food. While you’re there, get a taste of our delicious treats like plant-based ice cream, plant-based grilled cheese, chocolate spread crêpes and organic cookies!

We’re also proud to announce Bunge has been nominated for two Fi Innovation Awards:

Health Innovation Award:  Sonnin Pro: a frying oil solution that reduces up to 25% oil uptake in fried products and saves up to 10% oil usage cost
Restaurants and the par-frying industry are constantly looking to improve operations and value. In today’s economy with high inflation, offering healthier, more natural, and less processed food at lower cost is a top priority. Sonnin Pro: A revolution in fast food that reduces oil uptake in fried products up to 25% improving the nutritional profile due to calorie reduction in the end-product. And saves up to 10 % frying oil usage cost, which delivers economic and sustainability benefits because there is less food waste. A natural extract replaces current chemical solutions in the frying oil, without any change in other performance aspects: this is plug-and-play.

Plant based Innovation Award: Creating Superb Vegan Cheese with PurePro Proteins
Future vegan cheese growth depends on manufacturers being able to make products that better resemble the nutrition and performance of dairy cheese. Relative to dairy cheese, vegan cheeses have very low protein (0g/serving vs 6g/serving), poor melt, and poor performance in grilled cheese (croque madame) applications. PurePro pea and faba proteins are proprietarily produced and at 2g per serving they make superb vegan cheeses that taste and look great, slice very well, and deliver superior melt, mouthfeel, and gooeyness in a grilled cheese application vs control and competitor pea and faba proteins.

Click here for your free ticket and visit us at Food Ingredients Europe!

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