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Peatland rehabilitation and conservation program update
March 16, 2020

Bunge Loders Croklaan collaborates with the Global Environment Centre (GEC) and other industry stakeholders on a Rehabilitation and Conservation Program in Pahang, Malaysia. The goal of the program is to implement peatland rehabilitation and fire control activities with the indigenous community, and to empower the community through education and awareness. The program runs from September 2018 until August 2020.

Key achievements

  • Approximately 1,410ha degraded peatland area has been rewetted from the canal blocks and natural peatland vegetation has been re-growing;
  • A community-based fire patrolling team was established. The patrolling team has been monitoring the area for fire risk, alerting authorities and monitoring water table at blocked areas;
  • The degraded peatland area has been free from peat swamp forest fire for more than a year;
  • Basic needs have been addressed by installation of 3 solar powered systems for the community;
  • Sustainable alternative livelihood activities have increased income of the community; and
  • Site assessments and demographic survey to Kg Gong, RPS Runchang, Kg Simpai, Kg Padang and Kg Sawah Batu provide updated baseline information to extend rehabilitation work in SEPPL in the future.

Future activities

  • Engagement of stakeholders and community for rehabilitation activities such as fire prevention training, constructing canal blocks, FDRS signboards and water level markers;
  • Provide more awareness programmes for community in SEPPL such as Peatland Forest Ranger Programme for school kids; 
  • Introduce sustainable alternative livelihood activities such as bee keeping, mushroom and fish farming for more community to increase their income;
  • Support basic needs/welfare of community such as water, education and kitchen improvement.