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Turning a winning idea into successful reality
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January 15, 2019
Turning a Winning Idea Into Successful Reality

Less fat in the frying pan and on the waistline? It sounds almost too good to be true. The two founders of German start-up Schmidt & Schöne were looking for a way to reduce the amount of fat used in frying. In several meetings with their R&D and sales colleagues, they came up with the idea of using powder to fry food instead of oil or butter. After they contacted Bunge Loders Croklaan, we presented different options including shea butter and sal fat solutions. In the end, a palm-based formula worked the best and in 2018, Schmidt & Schöne successfully launched Paudar on a well-known teleshopping channel in Germany. 

At the beginning of 2019, they appeared on the TV show Die Höhle der Löwen (Lions Den) in which entrepreneurs pitch their embryo products to experienced business investors. Four out of the five 'lions' were interested in Paudar and a day later it was available on supermarket shelves. here are plans for variants of the original product planned along with expansion to other European markets. The success of Paudar shows how Bunge Loders Croklaan can take a winning product idea and help turn it into.