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Watch the Recording of Bunge’s Presentation at Protein Vision
Webinar recording
July 12, 2023

In June, Bunge sponsored and presented at FoodNavigator’s Protein Vision, a two-day interactive broadcast hosted by Food Navigator, where inspiring companies who want to reimagine the future of food came together to discuss consumer trends, new products and technologies that shape the future of the food industry. 

In the webinar "Enabling authentic dairy & meat from plants with Bunge", we explained how plant proteins and specialty lipids drive sensory, sustainability and nutrition in alt dairy & meat.  Our experts work alongside customers, using our plant proteins and specialty oils & fats to deliver perfectly melting cheese, creamy indulgent ice cream, succulent strips of steak, and more. They accomplish this with individual proteins or lipids, combinations, or next level innovations like our recent lipid innovation, Beleaf PlantBetter - a plant-based alternative to butter. Similar to how our ingredient innovations step-changed confectionery and infant nutrition, they can also solve tough application challenges in alt dairy and meat to drive growth.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can now watch the presentation on-demand below:

Learn more about our ingredients

Beleaf oils & fats
Our Beleaf range of plant-based lipids for meat and dairy alternatives delivers the same juicy mouthfeel and full flavor. Our solutions can also help you meet a number of sustainability and free-from needs, including RSPO, organic, non-GMO, and more.
PurePro proteins
Our PurePro non-GMO protein isolates and concentrates provide a range of functional and physical properties that manufacturers of plant-based foods and beverages seek to deliver pleasing sensory experiences and nutritional benefits.

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